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1. Can i park my vehicles in the street during my sidewalk occupancy?
2. What do i do if someone is parked in my reserved parking area?
3. Where do i pick up the "No Parking" signs related to my occupancy permit?
4. I have an occupancy permit that has already been approved but need to modify the dates or i need more space, What do i do?
5. Where can you hang the Emergency Parking Signs?
6. Can you place the cones right in the parking space to reserve the space?
7. What happens if there is a parking ban?
8. Do I get a refund if there I don’t do the project the day of the permit?
9. What do I do if there is a snow event and I have a dumpster or a POD placed on the street?
10. When do we put up the Emergency No Parking Signs?
11. Does the city of Portland put up the emergency no parking signs?