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1. What is the purpose of this program?
2. How can I pay?
3. Where can I mail a check and my registration to?
4. What are the office hours?
5. To whom should the check be made payable?
6. Who does the rental housing ordinance cover?
7. How often is registration required?
8. What if I don’t pay on time?
9. Can I register just once for multiple units within one building?
10. Can I register just once for the multiple buildings I own?
11. How will I know when you are going to inspect my building?
12. Given that I work during the day, can you inspect after the normal working day?
13. What exactly will you be inspecting?
14. What happens if you find a violation?
15. As a renter, can I learn about my current or potential home through your program?
16. How will I know the person visiting my property is a Housing Safety Inspector?
17. What if I have a complaint or compliment?
18. Where can I find the applicable codes?
19. Where is the discount information and City Council Order?
20. Can I make an appointment to be inspected?
21. Can I receive a hardship waiver or be excused from the fee?
22. What if I am buying a rental property?
23. What kind of smoke detector should I purchase, if necessary?
24. Will a carbon monoxide detector be required too?
25. What standard will the Housing Safety Office use for their inspections?
26. Is there a template or form I can use for my No Smoking policy and discount?
27. Are there programs or funds to help me make needed safety improvements?