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1. Can I use my own private kitchen for preparation?
2. Is an external grease interceptor required?
3. Is there a new code on grease traps?
4. Another question we have is about the grease trap requirement. Does your office handle this or Public Works?
5. We need to add a cleat on the wall to install something in the kitchen. What material can that cleat be made of to meet code? Are composite materials like Azac or Starboard okay?
6. We want to increase our seating by adding some tables (no renovations required). Does someone need to approve this?
7. Do I need a 3 bay sink?
8. Do I need a preparation sink separate from my 3 bay sink?
9. Do I need a mop sink?
10. What exactly is an air gap?
11. Do I need an air gap on my sink?
12. How many hand wash sinks do I need in my restaurant?
13. What is the purpose of a backflow preventer device?
14. We have a 2 bay sink that serves as the hand wash sink and the mop sink. Any sink with multiple bays can only satisfy one of the plumbing requirements, correct?
15. How hot does my water need to be for warewashing?
16. How hot does my water need to be for hand washing?
17. How many bathrooms do I need?
18. Can I use hand sanitizer instead of a handwash sink?
19. Should I keep a log of my grease trap maintenance?
20. How cold do my walk-in cooler, refrigerator, and cold hold unit(s) need to be?
21. How hot do my hot hold units need to be?
22. Can I spray for pests myself?
23. Do I need a restroom for customers? How many?
24. Can I share a mop sink with the business next door?
25. We'll be using the room mostly for dry storage, but we'd like a small preparation area. We're painting the concrete floor, installing a hand sink and drop ceiling. Anything else?
26. We are installing granite counter tops at the entry desk bar and the restaurant bar. Food will be served to customers at these places. Is there a requirement to seal the tops?
27. Who do I call to get my restaurant or mobile unit inspected, so I can start selling?
28. Is it possible to get advice from an inspector before we start renovations?
29. Can I have a smoker or grill outside?
30. How quickly can I start operating after my health inspection?
31. Where do I find the regulations for food service establishments?
32. I was trying to find out if the State of Maine or local municipalities have a mandatory cleaning requirement for beer keg lines?
33. Can a cold plate for fountain drinks be located in the 3-bay sink of a bar?
34. Can a cold plate be located in the ice well with the ice that is served for drinks?