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1. When can a Food Truck operate?
2. Where can a Pushcart operate?
3. How big can my food truck be?
4. How big can my pushcart be?
5. Where do I find the regulations for a Food Truck?
6. Where do I find the regulations for a Pushcart?
7. What is a Base Station?
8. I operate a mobile unit. Where can I dump my gray water?
9. What are the requirements for exits inside the food truck?
10. What are the standards for the interior walls of a food truck?
11. How hot does my water need to be?
12. Do I need a 3 bay sink?
13. Can I have a towable food trailer, instead of a food truck?
14. Can I operate within 65 feet of an eating establishment, if I have permission from the owner?
15. Who do I call to get my mobile unit inspected, so I can start selling?
16. What are the health requirements for a small ice cream cart?
17. Is there a place to plug my food truck into upon inspection?
18. Can I use my own private kitchen for preparation?
19. Do I need to use disposable gloves when serving non-potentially hazardous food?
20. I know I'm not allowed to operate the cart within 65 feet of another food purveyor, is that 65 feet from the door or any part of their establishment?
21. How quickly can I start operating after my health inspection?
22. Can the umbrella on my food cart go above the 72” max height requirement?
23. Can my base station kitchen be a commercial kitchen that is licensed by ME Dept. of Agriculture?
24. Can I use my mobile unit at the base station to prepare food?
25. Would I be able to cut my fries outside and do the preparation for the fries at my cart?
26. Would I be able to use a foldout table that was touching my cart as long as it is covered?
27. Can I have the handwashing portion of my mobile unit operate as an adjacent and separate unit?
28. Can I have part of my mobile unit on private property and part of it on public property at the same time?
29. I am inquiring about specific requirements of Food Carts. The cart would be serving juice, so no cooking would be necessary.
30. Where can I find further information about food regulations?