Emergency Operations


Special Operations 

Hazardous Materials, Air Rescue Div., Marine Div., Rescue Co., Confined Space
Name Title Email Phone
Hendricks, Jon Deputy Chief of Special Operations 207-874-8880
Donaghue, Sean Captain-Rescue Co. 31 207-874-8400
Alves, Chris Captain-Marine Div. 207-874-8418
Thomson, Chris Captain-Peaks Island 207-874-8419
Dexter, Edward Captain-Air Rescue 207-874-8880

Training Division 

380 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101

Name Title Email Phone
Bragdon, Justin Captain 207-874-8400
Stewart, Mark Captain 207-874-8400

Shift Commanders 

Bramhall Fire Station

Name Title Email Phone
McGuire, Kevin Deputy Fire Chief, Shift 1 207-874-8400
Neat, Shawn Deputy Fire Chief, Shift 2 207-874-8400
Chad, Johnston Deputy Fire Chief, Shift 4  
Nixon, Mike Deputy Fire Chief, Shift 3  

EMS Field Support 

Central Station


Name Title Email Phone
Calvo, Angela Division Chief of EMS 207-874-8400
Medcu, Car 9 Lieutenant, C9   207-874-8400