Where can I park my motorcycle or mopeds?

Motorcycle may park at parking meters for a fee or park for up to 10 hours for free at designated motorcycle/moped parking areas. Motorcyclists need to pay to park motorcycles at parking meters. Receipts from multispace meters must be securely displayed on the motorcycle. Detach the perforated stub and take it with you as a receipt in the event the receipt falls off your motorcycle. Additionally, there are various locations where motorcycles can park for free at motorcycle / moped only designated spots throughout the city. The City of Portland has dedicated certain on street parking areas to be used exclusively by motorcycles / mopeds only, allowing them to park for up to 10 hours for free without moving. The City Council approved this to enhance the viability of alternative transportation choices as well as free up existing vehicle parking spaces now used by mopeds and motorcycles.

100 plus moped / motorcycle parking spaces on the following streets

  • Brackett St @ Neal St
  • Bramhall St. @ Hill St.
  • Commercial St. @ Chandler’s Wharf
  • Commercial St. @ Cross St.
  • Commercial St. @ Union Wharf
  • Congress St @ Atlantic St
  • Congress St @ Dow St
  • Congress St @ Kellogg St
  • Congress St  @795
  • Congress St. @ Myrtle St.
  • Cumberland Ave @ Hanover St
  • Cumberland Ave @ Mechanic St
  • Danforth St & Park St
  • Federal St. @ Market St.
  • Fore St @ Cross St
  • High St. between Spring St. and Congress St.
  • High St. @ Deering St.
  • Market St. @ Middle St.
  • Mellen St @ Congress St.
  • Middle St @ Market St
  • Myrtle St. @ Congress St.
  • Oak  St @ Free St.
  • Oak St
  • 72 Oak St (Between Congress St & Cumberland Ave)
  • Park Ave @ Deering St.
  • Pine St @ Emery
  • Pine St @ Winter St
  • Silver St. @ Fore St.
  • Spring St. – Southside near Union St.
  • State St. @ Deering St.
  • State St @ Sherman St
  • Temple St.@ Free St.
  • Thames @ India St.  

Motorcycles / mopeds can also park at metered spaces, and multiple two-wheelers can use the same space as long as the meter is fed. If it expires all the vehicles in that space can be ticketed.

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