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Posted on: May 17, 2022

Portland City Council Recap May 16, 2022

Council News

During its May 16, 2022 meeting, the City Council acted upon the following items. 

(Please note that Councilor April Fournier, At-Large, was not in attendance.)


  • Order 244-21/22 Appointing William Needelman a Class E Director of the  Portland Fish Exchange (Passed 8-0)


Fiscal Year 2023 Municipal Budget (First read - public hearing only. Second read and vote slated for June 6 meeting)

  • Orders 245-257 FY23 Municipal Budget (Orders 247, 248, 250,251, and 252 were postponed to June 6 meeting)

Fiscal Year 2023 School Budget

  • Order 237-21/22 Approving State/Local EPS Funding Allocation for Public Education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 for Portland Public Schools for Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 8-0)
  • Order 238-21/22 Approving Non-State Funded School Construction Debt Service for Portland Schools for Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 8-0)
  • Order 239-21/22 Raising and Appropriating Additional Local Funds for Portland Schools for Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 7-1; Chong opposed)
  • Order 240-21/22 Approving Total School Operating Budget For Portland Schools for Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 6-2 as amended with Chong & Dion opposed; 1st amendment by Mayor Snyder to add back $250,000, and second amendment by Councilor Rodriguez adding back $750,000 making the total school budget its original request of $126,407,899.00)

  • Order 241-21/22 Appropriating and Raising Funds for Adult Education for Fiscal Year 2023 as required by the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 20-a §8603-a(1) (Passed 8-0)
  • Order 242-21/22 to Raise and Appropriate Local Funds for Food Service in the Portland Public Schools for Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 8-0)
  • Order 243-21/22 Authorizing the Disposition of Any Additional State Subsidy Received for Portland Schools in Fiscal Year 2023 (Passed 8-0)

The referendum election on the school budget will be held Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

COMMUNICATIONS (No formal Council action)

  • Com 22-21/22 Presenting the Preliminary Report of the Charter Review Commission
  • Com 23-21/22 Board of Harbor Commissioners for Portland Harbor Notice of Pilot Rate & Capital Construction Fee Increase
  • Com 24-21/22 Administrative Policy re: the Collection and Publication of Written Public Comment 


  • Resolve 12 - Approving the City Council Code of Ethics (First read, no action)


  • Order 258-21/22 Accepting Benjamin Way as a City Way (Passed 8-0)

AMENDMENTS (First read, no action)

  • Order 259-21/22 Zoning Map Amendment for Riverton Park Campus from R-5 Residential to R-5a Residential & B-2 Community Business
  • Order 260-21/22 Amendment to the Portland City Code Chapter 14 Re: Permitted & Conditional Uses in Residential Zones & Allowing Places of Assembly as a Conditional Use in the R-5a zone
  • Order 261-21/22 Amendment to the Portland City Code Chapter 35 Re: Panic Alarms and Retail License Revisions 

The City Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday, June 6 at 5:00 PM. The City Council will meet in-person and remote participation via Zoom will be available. To view agendas, backup materials, and videos from past meetings, please visit 

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