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Posted on: March 9, 2022

City Launches Sustainability Initiative Electrify Everything

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In an effort to reduce Portland’s collective carbon footprint and minimize energy costs for residents, the City of Portland is pleased to announce the launch of Electrify Everything!

In an effort to reduce Portland’s collective carbon footprint and minimize energy costs for residents, the City of Portland is pleased to announce the launch of Electrify Everything! —a new program that provides residents with exclusive discounts on solar panels and home heating appliances.

To launch this initiative the City has partnered with ReVision Energy, a local full-service solar company with over 15 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems in the region. As part of the program, Revision Energy will offer the following discounts to Portland property owners:

  • $500 off solar installations
  • $250 off air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and home EV chargers 
  • Up to $60,000 to help low-income households go solar

These discounts are in addition to generous rebates, incentives, and tax credits available from State and Federal programs such as those offered by Efficiency Maine. 

Electrify Everything! will provide a single resource for residents to learn about and apply for financial assistance that might be available for electrification investments. “We often hear from people that they’re interested in heat pumps and other electric appliances but learning about the technology, tracking down rebates, and finding a contractor is time consuming and confusing,” noted Danielle West, Interim City Manager. “This program houses all of the available resources in one place to make it more convenient for people to electrify.”

Homes with solar panels can generate much if not all of the energy they need, replacing expensive fossil fuels with a predictable fixed cost. To help low and moderate income homeowners make this switch, ReVision Energy has pledged to support up to 20 low to moderate income residents with $3,000 discounts off the cost of a turnkey solar installation. This will pay down the cost of financing the installation so the participating resident  will save money on energy from day one. 

“Every year Mainers spend roughly $6 billion on importing fossil fuels,” said ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe. “This year is turning out to be particularly painful because people are getting hit with an 80% increase in their utility bills as a result of natural gas price volatility. Low to moderate income residents are suffering the most from high energy costs so ReVision Energy has committed up to $60,000 in direct financial support for LMI households during the Electrify Everything! campaign. This reflects ReVision's mission and our desire to create the better future we know is possible.” 

Residents who are not able to install solar or who live in apartments can participate in Electrify Everything! and reduce their monthly electricity bills by subscribing to an offsite solar array. This option, known as “community solar”, is available through ReVision. Residents also have the opportunity to purchase an ownership stake in an offsite solar project. Both programs are available to any resident with an electricity bill from Central Maine Power.

The burning of fossil fuels to heat buildings is responsible for approximately 60% of Portland’s carbon emissions.  That means electrifying homes and powering them with renewable energy like solar is an important way individuals can help achieve the goals established in One Climate Future, the climate action plan passed by the Portland City Council in November 2020. 

"Electrify Everything is an incredibly exciting initiative to help Portland residents save money on energy costs and end our reliance on polluting fossil fuels,” said City Councilor Andrew Zarro, Chair of the Sustainability & Transportation Committee. “When we go solar, switch to heat pumps and electric vehicles, and weatherize our buildings, we're fighting climate change and rejecting fossil fuel interests like those driving the crisis in Ukraine. Increasing energy efficiency and the amount of energy that we get from renewable sources is an essential part of the solution to reducing the amount of power we get from dirty energy. Moving to a clean energy economy will provide greater economic stability, lower energy costs, and protect our national and climate security -- and Electrify Everything will help Portland pave the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.” 

“Reducing carbon emissions to achieve the climate goals established in One Climate Future requires a community effort,” said Mayor Kate Snyder. “Electrify Everything! provides Portland residents with the resources they need to begin their transition to renewable energy. Generous incentives available from our partners make this the best time for households to take action.”

To receive all the discounts, Portland residents must sign a contract with ReVision Energy before September 1, 2022. Learn more:

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