Mission Statement and Core Values

The mission of the Portland Police Department is to maintain a safe city by working in partnership with the community to prevent and reduce crime, protect life and property, help resolve neighborhood problems and protect the rights of all.

Our core values are Leadership, Integrity and Service.


Leadership is the hallmark of the Portland Police Department. We seek to encourage neighborhood partnerships and inspire positive programs to spark community change. We work cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies and strive to be a model for effective, forward-thinking policing. We commit to empowering all employees to be creative and to take a leadership role in our organization.  


Integrity for each and every member of the Department is the basis of our credibility with the community. We honor our oath as police officers and all employees, sworn and civilian, seek to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. We are honest, fair, and respectful in our interactions with the public and honor our commitments to the community and to each other. 


Service: The Portland Police Department exists to serve our city. We are professionals who gratefully accept the responsibility of keeping our neighborhoods safe. We serve with pride and compassion and are committed to the successful achievement of our collective goals. We value, respect, and embrace diversity within our agency and the community.