What To Expect From Your Visit

Males & Females

  • Upon arriving at the clinic and checking in, you will receive an identification number that will be used to identify you throughout your visit.
  • A counselor will then collect information pertaining to your sexual history as well as blood and/or urine samples.
  • A clinician will then examine you to check for any visual signs of sexual infections. Hepatitis A and B vaccines may be offered if indicated.
  • If you test positive the clinician will devise an individualized treatment plan that MAY include treatment and/or medication provided by the clinic, pharmacy prescriptions or treatment referrals to outside services.
  • Individuals who are currently, or have recently taken, antibiotics should wait for two weeks after finishing the course of treatment before coming to the clinic.
Important - If you have your immunization record, please bring that to your clinic visit.

Males Only

  • We ask that you please refrain from urinating for at least 1 hour before coming to clinic, and especially once you arrive. A urine test will be performed and any discharge will be collected and cultured.

Females Only

  • We ask that you please refrain from coming to clinic if you are currently having your period.
  • For women a swab of the vaginal area will be performed. This test is not a pap smear, and is not a substitute for regular screening by your primary care provider.

Role of Disease Intervention Specialists

Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) must be reported to the Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC). These reportable STDs are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. If a patient tests positive for a reportable infection, they may be contacted by one of our Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS). The responsibilities of the DIS are to verify treatment, provide partner notification services, and provide health information and resources about the patient's diagnosis.