Current Initiatives

Access Project

MHP partners with local hospitals and clinics to improve health care access for racial, ethnic, and language minority groups in Cumberland County. It also partners with community-based organizations to implement its programs and activities.

Health Education & Community Engagement

MHP conducts health outreach and education through its network of Community Health Outreach Workers (CHOWs). It has provided education on healthy homes, environmental health, social determinants of health, physical activity, nutrition, vaccination, diabetes, asthma, lead poisoning, and emergency preparedness. The program develops printed materials, videos, and visual displays to spread its messages.

Racial, Ethnic, and Language (REL) Data Collection

As a member of the REL Aligning Forces for Quality, MHP coordinates community understanding of the need for REL data collection and educates service providers on proper REL data collection and usage.

Community-Based Participatory Research

MHP engages with communities to conduct focus groups and implement surveys to identify current and emerging health issues to address.

Policy & Program Initiatives

MHP partners with other local, state, regional, and national agencies and stakeholders to improve health care policies and program initiatives for minority communities.

Training & Community Empowerment

MHP recruits and provides training opportunities for community members to improve their professional capacity to serve their communities. Community members have been trained as substance abuse table talk facilitators, chronic disease self-management facilitators, and emergency preparedness community representatives.