Activities Requiring Approval in Historic Districts

If your property is located within the District (see map,) you must receive approval before proceeding with any alteration or improvement that will be visible from a public way. Activities requiring approval under Portland’s Historic Preservation ordinance include, but are not limited to, the following:

Alterations, Repair or Replacement

Window and door replacement
Storefront modifications or replacement
Removal and/or replacement of architectural detailing
Masonry work, including repointing; sandblasting; chemical cleaning; waterproofing; painting where the masonry has never been painted, or conversely, removal of paint where the masonry historically has been painted
Installation or replacement of visible roofing or gutters
Substitution of original building materials
Alteration or replacement of accessory structures, including garages, etc.

Additions and New Construction

Building additions, including rooftop additions, dormers or decks
Construction of accessory structures
Installation of exterior access stairs or fire escapes
Installation of antennas and satellite dishes
Installation of solar collectors or wind generators

Exterior Utilities and Lighting

Exterior lighting
Exterior utilities, including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical
Exterior vents


Installation or alteration of any exterior sign or awning, including related lighting

Site Alterations

Installation or modification of site features other than vegetation, including parking lots, fencing, retaining walls, driveways, paving, and re-grading


Demolition or partial demolition of a “contributing” structure within the district. Approval is not required to demolish a noncontributing building.