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Following is a list of individually-designated landmark properties in Portland, many of which are also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Some landmark properties are located within the boundaries of a larger historic district; others are not. Given the significance of landmarks, any exterior alteration or addition requires review and approval--whether or not the change will be visible from a public way.

(* Indicates a National Historic Landmark)
Individually Designated Landmark Properties
Sparrow House
35 Arlington St.
John Calvin Stevens House
52 Bowdoin St.
Abraham Levey Block 78-88 Middle St.
Portland City Hospital
1145 Brighton Ave.
Leonard Bond Chapman House
90 Capisic St.
Marguerite Emerson House
99 Capisic St.
Chestnut Street Methodist Church
11-19 Chestnut St.
St. Lawrence Church and Parish Hall (church demolished 2008 due to structural failure) 76 Congress St.
Munjoy (Murdock) Block 103 Congress St.
Portland Observatory *
138 Congress St.
Ann Freeman House
147 Congress St.
North School
264-284 Congress St.
St. Paul's Church and Rectory 279 Congress St.
Portland City Hall 389 Congress St.
Masonic Temple
415 Congress St.
First Parish Church
425 Congress St.
Lancaster Block
474 Congress St.
Maine Historical Society
485 Congress St.
Wadsworth-Longfellow House *
487 Congress St.
Mechanics Hall
519 Congress St.
Porteous Mitchell & Braun Department Store
522 Congress St.
J.B. Brown Memorial Block
529-543 Congress St.
H.H. Hay Building
594 Congress St.
Baxter Library
619 Congress St.
General Neal Dow House *
714 Congress St.
Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary
794-800 Congress St.
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
307 Congress St.
Portland High School
284 Cumberland Ave.
Victoria Mansion *
109 Danforth St.
Thomas Brackett Reed House *
30-32 Deering St.
Nathan Clifford School
180 Falmouth St.
United States Courthouse
156 Federal St.
United States Custom House
312 Fore St.
Mariner's Church
368-374 Fore St.
Tracy-Causer Building
507 Fore St.
Portland Stage Company
25 Forest Ave.
United States Post Office Building
125 Forest Ave.
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Store 617 Forest Ave.
Darling Kidder Motor Car Company Building 630 Forest Ave.
Odd Fellows Block 643-651 Forest Ave.
Chapman Block 648 Forest Ave.
Valle's Sandwich Shop 660 Forest Ave.
Fort Gorges
Hog Island Ledge
Byron Greenough Block
Free St. and Middle St.
McLellan-Sweat Mansion *
111 High St.
Eastland Hotel
157 High St.
Griffin House
200 High St.
Henry Rowe House 7 Lafayette St.
Longfellow Monument
Longfellow Square
54-56 Maple Street 54-56 Maple Street
Thompson Block
117-125 Middle St.
Rackleff Building
127-133 Middle St.
James B. Newell House  8-12 Montreal St.
51 Monument Street 51 Monument Street
Woodman Building
133-141 Middle St.
Charles Q. Clapp Block
Monument Square
Abyssinian Meeting House
75 Newbury St.
John B. Russworm House
238 Ocean Ave.
William Monott House
45 Park St.
Park Street Row
88-114 Park St.
William Nutter House
68 Pleasant St.
Fifth Maine Regiment Building
Peaks Island
Green Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church
46 Sheridan St.
Charles Q. Clapp House
97 Spring St.
Maine Central Railroad Office Building
222-224 Saint John St.
Joseph Holt Ingraham House
51 State St.
Portland Club
156 State St.
F.O.J. Smith Tomb
Stevens Ave.
Williston-West Church and Parish House
32 Thomas St.
Maine Hospital
331 Veranda St.
A.B. Butler House
4 Walker St.
28 Waterville Street 28 Waterville Street
Tate House *
1270 Westbrook St.
Adam P. Leighton House
261 Western Promenade
Nathaniel Dyer House
168 York St.
Maine Archeological Site No. 9-16