Therapeutic Recreation Services

Therapeutic Recreation Services

The City of Portland has provided therapeutic recreation (TR) services to Portland residents since 1974.  Our community-based recreation programs provide quality recreation opportunities for community members with disabilities across the life span. This specialized program offers those with physical, intellectual, developmental, or acquired disabilities the chance to fully participate in their community, with a focus on health, wellness, and recreation for all.

Therapeutic recreation services and supports are provided along a service continuum from small and separate programs, transitions to community programs and activities, to the ultimate goal of full inclusion in recreation programs and activities. Programs focus on enhancing the quality of life through people, places and programming while creating lasting memories.


How do I register for a Therapeutic Recreation program?

Prior to registering for any programs, there is some preliminary paperwork that must be completed so that we can plan for you or your child’s needs. 

**Required forms for children and adults include:

1.) Physician's Recommendation Form

2.) Intake profile

3.) Participant Profile

4.) Children's Leisure Inventory or Adult's Leisure Inventory

Once these forms are completed and returned, you are able to register for programs. For more information regarding our therapeutic recreation programs and services, please contact the Portland Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department at 207-808-5400 and ask for the Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor.


Programs and Services offered:

Inclusion Support Services—The City or Portland supports and encourages the participation of individuals with varying ability levels. Our inclusion support services require an assessment to determine how best to provide support to the individual with a disability and/or health condition that requires an accommodation or modification in order to participate in a program. Supports may include interpreters for the deaf or hard of hearing, activity modification, additional staff, and assessable equipment and facility features. Accommodation requests should be made at the time of program registration by clicking on the Inclusion Request Form of the program you would like to register for. All documentation and information should be forwarded to the Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor for review and determination of whether or not the Department can support the requested accommodation(s).  This request must be made ten (10) business days (Monday-Friday) before the start of the activity.