Vision Statement

This vision statement was created by the public advisory committee in Phase 1 of the study and revised slightly by the Phase 2 committee.

Franklin Street will be a critical transportation facility for all modes of travel, linking Interstate 295 and Back Cove to the waterfront and island ferries and serving as an attractive gateway to the city. Franklin Street will be a vibrant, active, and walkable urban corridor, connecting neighborhoods and destinations.

It will enhance the urban fabric of the city through mixed-use development of appropriate, diverse, and functional residential, commercial, and recreational space in the midst of attractive streetscapes.

All modes of travel, including motor vehicles, public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian shall be able to coexist in a design that is safe and environmentally sound for an urban setting through state-of-the-art design utilizing optimum architecture, street widths, curbs, sidewalks, and street level crosswalks, and other appropriate amenities such as vegetation, trees, and art.