Future Developments

In addition to establishing a tree endowment fund, the Committee recommends that the following ongoing components be developed.

Develop & Adopt a Comprehensive Tree Program

This component would formalize and expand the existing efforts within the Forestry Division, including an establishment of tree planting priorities, comprehensive assessment of existing inventory, articulated plan of future plantings, and ongoing maintenance.

Develop An Education & Awareness Program

Successful tree program models incorporate community involvement and awareness. These models sustain public interest and awareness of trees and their importance to the beauty and health of the city and its neighborhoods. Awareness programs are fun, wide-ranging, and community-based, involving schools, neighborhood groups, and service organizations.

Establish a Tree Advisory Committee

The City Council should appoint a tree advisory committee. The Committee's responsibility would be to help develop, promote, evaluate, and sustain ongoing education and awareness efforts concerning tree planting and maintenance programs in the Forest City. The committee would not have policy or management authority.