Project Understanding

This project represents a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Libbytown to think clearly about their neighborhood’s potential and functionality. Libbytown and its surroundings have been in a state of transition and change since the construction of the Fore River Parkway and the development of the Portland Transportation Center.

Libbytown is of high importance in location, accessibility, and its role as a key link between the Portland Transportation Center and downtown. As the Transportation Center and Thompson’s Point are further developed, it will become a natural gateway to the Portland peninsula. The street connectivity of the area was severed by I-295, reducing both the area’s value and function as a neighborhood. There has been a very successful effort to address this, embodied in the Connecting Libbytown plan and ongoing implementation projects but there is still work to be done.

The Fore River Parkway and its interchange with I-295 provide potential opportunities to reconfigure or remove certain ramps. In addition, there exist potentially significant advantages in converting the one-way streets to two-way operation, including greater and safer accessibility, calmer traffic speeds, and a more vibrant economy. We will be examining these options in the Libbytown area, in the context of fostering connectivity and improved operations for all modes of transportation in relation to the compact urban development that is desired in this area.

Libbytown and the Park and Congress corridors could be potentially affected by the development proposed for Thompson’s Point, which might require additional capacity and connectivity improvements. There is also a longstanding interest in developing a priority transit service to connect Portland’s downtown to the Transportation Center. This project will consider all of these issues and strive to come up with an effective and practical traffic circulation and streetscape plan that will improve neighborhood livability and transportation for all modes.