Libbytown Traffic Circulation & Streetscape Study

Advisory Board Members

  • Harlan Baker
  • Zachary Barowitz
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Channing Capuchino
  • Mary Didonato
  • Fred Dillon
  • Daniel Doughty
  • Maria Macdougal
  • Christian Milneil
  • Ruth Mlotek
  • Jamie Parker
  • Caroline Partlow
  • Karen Perry
  • Jackie Thompson
  • Skip Woods

Project Staff

  • Jeremiah Bartlett, Department of Public Services, City Transportation Systems Engineer
  • Kathi Early, Department of Public Services, Engineering Services Manager
  • Carl Eppich, Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System, Transportation Planner
  • Bruce Hyman, Department of Public Services, Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator 
  • William Needelman, Department of Planning and Urban Development, Senior Planner

Project Consulting Team

  • Terry DeWan, T. J. DeWan & Associates 
  • Tom Farmer, T. J. DeWan & Associates 
  • Lucy Gibson, Dubois & King 
  • Scott Hastings, Morris Communications
  • John Mahoney, Ransom Consulting Engineers and Scientists
  • Carol Morris, Morris Communications

Purpose & Needs

Map of Libbytown projectThe purpose of this project is to improve the cohesiveness and livability of Libbytown and adjacent areas of impact by improving the transportation network to the following ends:
  • Enhance safety and connectivity for all users
  • Support business and economic development with better traffic circulation, increased foot traffic, easier access, and a more financially sustainable road network
  • Create a more attractive and inviting streetscape, neighborhood, and public spaces
Libbytown, as well as its adjacent areas, has tremendous potential that can be harnessed by maximizing its relationship with a revitalized, multimodal transportation network.

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