The history of a town or city can be traced through their cemeteries — Portland's cemeteries are a fine example of this. From the agrarian, small family cemeteries such as the Grand Trunk Cemetery, to the grandeur of the Victorian-style Evergreen Cemetery, the history of Portland is on display. Though only two of our cemeteries are currently active (burials still occurring), we ask that all cemeteries be treated with the respect and reverence that they deserve. 

Paths & Trails

The historic relationship for cemeteries and open spaces is quite strong, and Evergreen Cemetery is a great example of this. An extensive network of country lanes, paved roads, wooded trails, and greenscapes invite the exploration of the cemetery on bike, foot, and cross-country ski. At the far end of the developed cemetery, the ponds are a favorite spot for picnics. As the largest open space in Portland, the cemetery attracts a rich variety of avian life. Maine Audubon utilizes Evergreen Cemetery and its undeveloped woods for annual bird watching excursions.

Open to the Public

Cemetery grounds are open from sunrise to sunset each day, according to State Law. Gates are open from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm each day from April to October, and 7:00 am to 4:30 pm each day from November to March.

Guidelines for Recreational Use of Cemetery Grounds

Utilizing cemeteries for quiet recreation is encouraged by the City of Portland; however, we request your respectful consideration and use:
  • Limit recreational use to walking, cross-country skiing, and jogging.
  • Please take balls, Frisbees, and other games to another park location.
  • Leave flowers, trees, and other plants for the enjoyment of others.
  • Carry-in, carry-out trash
  • In active cemeteries, such as Evergreen and Forest City, please be mindful of funeral services. Quietly and respectfully conduct your leisure in another part of the cemetery grounds.
  • Gravestones are fragile. For your safety and their preservation, please do not touch them.

Rules for Bringing Dogs

Dogs are prohibited in Western Cemetery and Eastern Cemetery. Dogs are allowed in Evergreen and Forest City cemeteries on 25-foot leashes. Please respect graves and gravestones when walking pets, and scoop after your pet, carrying out bagged waste.