Capisic Brook Cleanup

Second Annual Capisic Brook Clean-up

On Saturday, May 1, the USM Environmental Science Student Group held the Second Annual Capisic Brook Clean-up with the support of the City of Portland.

Event Details

About 10 community volunteers and students picked up trash and debris along the stream to help create a cleaner, healthier brook and raise awareness about the importance of being good watershed stewards. The group divided into two teams, one covering the brook from Capisic Pond Park to just upstream of the Lucas Street crossing, while the other tackled both sides of the Warren Avenue crossing and a drainage swale along the railroad tracks.


In four hours, the teams gathered roughly 30 bags of trash, lots of glass, 14 tires, a 55-gallon drum, a couch, three fuel tanks, a mattress, lots of styrofoam (cups, coolers, and insulation), and a pile of scrap metal. These materials were removed by the City of Portland and recycled or composted where possible. It was a great effort! Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff who helped make this event a success!