Public Infrastructure Grants

The Portland Development Action Grant Program is designed to encourage economic development in commercial districts on the Portland Peninsula by providing grants for needed public infrastructure.

The fund is available to Portland businesses and property owners to promote private new construction, encourage major rehabilitation, and improve project feasibility (but not where a project's unfeasibility is the result of self-created hardship).

Grants can be used to assist with public infrastructure improvements such as sidewalks, street lights, street trees, and sewer lines.


    This is a grant/match program. The grant amount requested cannot exceed 50% of the cost of the public infrastructure improvements, or $25,000, whichever is less.


Any new or existing business or property being developed that:
  • Is located on the Portland’s Peninsula
  • Is developing or redeveloping commercial property within the specific boundaries
  • Has public infrastructure improvements that are required by the City to complete the project
  • Owes no outstanding property taxes, liens, fees or judgments to the City of Portland

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