Brownfields Redevelopment Program

Brownfields Definition
A brownfield is a property whose expansion, redevelopment, or reuse is complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

Cleaning up and reinvesting in brownfields properties yield many benefits to a community.  These range from increasing the local tax base, property redevelopment, and job growth to taking development pressures off of open land, and most importantly improving and protecting the environment and people's health.

Through grants received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Portland is able to cover the cost of site assessments and provide financial assistance in the form of low interest loans and grants to assist those needing to clean up contaminated sites within the boundaries of Portland.

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If you have questions about the City's Brownfields Program or have a specific site in mind for assessment and/or cleanup, please contact Nelle Hanig in the Housing & Economic Development Department at (207) 756-8019 or


The City's Brownfields Redevelopment Program provides resources that help to convert Brownfields from community liabilities into assets.  Those resources involve funding as well as guidance to navigate the three-step process from Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to cleanup.
1.  Phase I ESA
This is a research report that documents the history and current status of a property and identifies potential environmental concerns.
2.  Phase II ESA
Based on the findings of the Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA involves an investigation to confirm whether or not contamination is actually present at the site.  Generally, soil, paint, asbestos, and groundwater samples are collected at the site and analyzed for suspected contaminants.
3.  Cleanup/Remediation

If contamination is found in the samples collected during the Phase II ESA investigation, cleanup/remediation may be required to remove the contaminants prior to redevelopment of the site.


Private property owners and companies, non-profit organizations, and public entities are all eligible to receive funding through the City's Brownfields Program.

Phase I  or Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
Funds are available for assessing sites to determine whether there is contamination and, if so, how they can be remediated.

To Apply for Assessment Funding
Step 1.  If a Phase I or Phase II needs to be conducted on a particular property, you are welcome to submit a Brownfields Assessment Project Eligibility Form below.  Please email the completed form as an attachment to  In cooperation with EPA, the City will determine eligibility for Brownfields funding. 

Step 2.  With a positive determination, the applicant will be invited to fill out an Assessment Program Application (see link below) and email it to  Review and approval of the application will allow for City Brownfields funds to be used for the ESA at no cost to the property owner or developer.

Based on the Phase II ESA, a plan for site remediation/cleanup is developed.  To implement the cleanup phase, the City can provide low interest loans to private property owners and grants to non-profit property owners.  Cleanup grants and loans require a 20 percent cost share from the applicant.  The maximum grant is $200,000; loan maximums are limited to the funds in the loan pool which may be greater than $200,000.  At time of application, applicant must own the site for which it is requesting funding.

To Apply for Cleanup Funding

Step 1.
  Complete the Brownfields RLF Eligibility Form below.  When completed, submit it by email to  The City will provide it to EPA for an eligibility determination.
Step 2
.  Once a project has been determined to be eligible, then the applicant will be invited to fill out an application for an RLF loan or grant, Part I and Part II forms below.  When completed, submit by email to