Yard Waste

Spring Curbside Leaf Bag Collection ENDED May 6th.  

Outside of the curbside collection time period, residents can drop off their leaves and yard waste  year round at Riverside Recycling FacilityThis includes green and brown waste such as grass clippings, garden waste, and leaves. Please be prepared to show your Riverside Recycling Facility eCard to the attendant. If you do not have an eCard, you will be required to pay Riverside's minimum fee.  

ECARD / Transfer Station Pass

There are two requirements to be eligible for an ECARD : 

  • Be a Portland Property owner  

  • The property must participate in the City's trash & recycling services. (aka: buying City trash bags & have City issued recycle tote for curbside collection weekly. )

ECard holders may dispose of yard waste and brush at no monetary charge as part of their 10 Item annual allowance as part of the City trash and recycling services program.

  • All material brought directly to Riverside will be charged as a bulky item on your eCard.  
  • Conversion: 1 cubic yard of leaf/yard waste is equal to 1 bulky item on your eCard.
  • Save your eCard usage by taking advantage of the City’s Curbside Leaf & Yard Waste collection!

Please, Don’t Just Dump It!  

Are you thinking: It’s just leaves and grass, who’s going to care?   Think again.

Dumping leaves and grass into drainage ditches, brooks, or wetlands can cause flooding, smother the vegetation that stabilizes stream banks, and contribute to water pollution. And it’s illegal to boot!  So, be eco-friendly and either compost that yard waste or bring it on out to the Riverside Recycling Facility. Our streams and wetlands thank you!

2018 Leaves Ordinance