Park Design / Zoning

Park Design

The City has fully permitted the Technology Park and completed Phase 1 of the road (1,130 linear feet) and utilities, opening four sites for development:
  • Site one is the largest and can accommodate a two-story 33,000-square-foot building. Sites two and three will each accommodate a one-story 10,000-square-foot building. See the Sales section for further information. Site four has been sold and developed into an 18,000 square foot corporate headquarters.
  • Sites 6 and 7 are under contract.  Once those sites are sold, the City will complete Phase II of the road which will allow for development on sites 5 to 7.
  • View the approved subdivision plat.
  • View the layout.


OP (Office Park) Zone

Permitted uses include professional offices, and research and development. Conditional uses include high technology manufacturing of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and nanotechnology products.


Per the city’s zoning, the required minimum parking for office uses is 1 space per 400 square feet of building area used for that purpose. The required minimum for manufacturing uses is one space per 1,000 square feet. For park buildings the maximum number of parking spaces is somewhat higher as long as the business can justify its need for them. An increase in building footprint may be possible if a site is developed with the minimum number of parking spaces required.

Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines for the Portland Technology Park provide guidance to ensure the development of a timeless, sustainable, and beautiful business campus. As each unit area is developed, it will contribute to a quality working environment that expresses its own unique identity while, at the same time, becomes a model of environmental sustainability and a vital and integral part of the City of Portland.

Green Buildings

All buildings on campus will be required to adhere to the city’s Green Building Ordinance as detailed in Article VII Green Building Code, beginning in Section 6-165.


For more information, contact Business Programs Manager Nelle Hanig at 207-756-8019.