Submit an Idea

Do you have an idea for a capital improvement project that will improve the community? Ideas generating potential CIP projects will be identified and referred to the appropriate city department for consideration and possible inclusion in the CIP. Please tell us your idea for a project that will benefit the community! Ideas are due by December 2 in order to be considered for the next CIP update. If your idea is not submitted by December 2 then it will be considered next year.

There is already has a long list of repairs and improvements needed for city roads, sidewalks, parks, cemeteries, schools, and public buildings; for which there is limited money available to fund in the next five years.
  • Do you know a sidewalk or road that is in need of repair?
  • Do you think a city park needs improving or repair?
  • Do you have a special idea for a project that will make Portland great for years to come?
Please know that submitting a project does not mean that the project will be funded or even considered for funding. This input will be used to help staff fill-in any missing gaps of information about road that need repairing sidewalks that need fixing, or improvements to public spaces or facilities.

Thank you for your participation in looking ahead to Portland’s future.