CIP Development Process

The following is the schedule for annual CIP update activities:
  • Public input is being solicited regarding the community’s capital needs. Do you have an idea for a capital improvement project that will improve the community? Please tell us by using this online form! Ideas generating potential CIP projects will be identified and referred to the appropriate city department for consideration and possible inclusion in the CIP.
  • City departments review and develop potential CIP projects and submit projects for consideration in the CIP. Each capital project request includes a project description and the service need it addresses, a proposed timetable, proposed funding levels and sources and, if applicable, estimated ongoing operating costs. For projects already underway, the description also notes the remaining portion of the project's budget.
  • Each project is then reviewed and scored by staff from the City Manager’s Office, Finance Department, and Planning Department. Projects receiving higher points are recommended for funding in the year for which the project was requested while projects receiving lower scores are deferred for funding in later years.
  • A City Manager Recommended Capital Improvement Plan is prepared and presented to the City Council for consideration. See the city’s City Manager’s Recommended Capital Improvement Plan (FY 2014 - FY 2018).
  • The CIP is then reviewed and adopted for the next fiscal year as part of the city’s budget.