Ticket Fees

Code Violation Fine
1 Expired Meter $20
3 Overnight Parking (Odd / Even) $15
4 No Parking This Side of Street $35
5 Double Parking or Obstructing Traffic $35
6 Parking in Hazardous Area - Fire Hydrant / Crosswalk $40
7 Snow Removal or Plowing Area $35
8 No Parking Bus Stop


9 Blocking or Obstructing Driveway (On Complaint) $35
10 Displaying Vehicle for Sale $25
11 Washing, Greasing, or Repairing Such Vehicle Except for Repairs Necessitated by an Emergency $25
12 Advertising Purposes $25
13 Storage / Abandon Vehicle (10 Consecutive Days) $25
14 Angle Parking Only $25
15 Parking a Vehicle 20 Feet or More in Residential Area (November - March) $25
16 Camper, Trailer, Boat, etc. Over 24 Hours in Any Seven Calendar Day Period $25
17 Driver to Remain with Vehicle in Taxi Stand $25
A Parking in Disabled Zone $200
B Other Violation $100
C Prolonged Parking - Includes Feeding Meter $25
D Overtime Parking in Time Zone (Green or Black Sign) $15
E No Parking Zone


F No Parking Between Signs $35
G No Parking Here to Corner $35
H No Parking Taxi Stand $35
J No Parking Intersection


K No Parking Sidewalk $35
L No Parking / Overtime / Commercial Vehicle Zone $40
M No Parking Against Traffic Flow $35
N Posted Emergency No Parking Zone $35
P No Parking More than 18 Inches from Curb $35
Q No Stopping or Standing $35
R No Parking City Lot or Property (Permit Required) $35
S No Parking on Esplanade $35
T No Parking that Takes More Than One Metered Space $20


 It is unlawful to park:

  • In front of or within 5 feet from either side of a public or private driveway
  • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within 20 feet of the center of a crosswalk
  • Within 25 feet of an intersection
  • At any place where official signs prohibit parking
  • Double parked, or obstructing traffic
  • More than 18 inches from the curb
  • You have 24 hours to remove a vehicle that is inoperable and/or under repair on any city street
  • Any unlicensed vehicle on any city street (expired tags or plate)
  • Against the flow of traffic
  • Overtime parking in a timed parking zone;
  • In loading zones restricted for vehicles with commercial or combination plates
  • Prolonged parking at a meter including feeding parking meters or, at expired meters
  • On a sidewalk, sidewalk area, or street planting strip (esplanade)
  • In a disabled zone without a special license plate or hang tag and you must be able to present your identification card if requested
  • Taking up more than one metered space
  • At a bus stop, taxi stand, city lot or property where a permit is required
  • Vehicle storage: vehicles cannot be parked in the same spot for more than 10 consecutive days.