Overdose Prevention Project 

In response to a record number of fatal overdose deaths in Portland, the Public Health Division began the Overdose Prevention Project in January 2003. The program was designed to approach the issue of accidental overdose from a public health perspective. We work with community members impacted by substance use, directly or indirectly, and empower them through harm reduction-focused education and services to make positive changes in their lives. Our goal is to provide simple and effective trainings, presentations and materials that will help reduce the number of overdose fatalities and other negative consequences associated with substance use. 

If you are interested in learning more about our state supplied naloxone distribution program, through the Overdose Prevention Project, please call us at (207) 541-6952.

Programs & Activities Available

Educational Offerings

  • Overdose Recognition and Response Trainings for Businesses and Vendors
  • Substance Use Prevention Presentations for Youth
  • Information about substance treatment and recovery options
  • Harm Reduction Services
  • Educational Materials
  • Naloxone Distribution and Overdose Response Trainings for Community Members

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Overdose Prevention Project is to promote the health of all individuals in the Portland community by providing support, outreach, education and advocacy through positive collaborations and partnerships.