Parking Regulations

The City of Portland has established parking regulations to ensure that:
  • Its city streets remain safe and accessible for the whole community
  • There is appropriate turnover and availability of parking for citizens, customers, visitors, and businesses
  • Parked vehicles do not interfere with street maintenance and operations
  • Vehicle traffic works in conjunction with non-auto modes and bus transportation
These regulations are tailored to accommodate the particular needs and uses of all areas of the city.


Measure Up Always park at least:
10 feet from a fire hydrant
5 feet from both sides of a driveway
25 feet from an intersection
20 feet from the center of a crosswalk
Be considerate to vechicle and bicycle traffic. Always park less than 18 inches from the curb. Please Do Not Park on the Grass.

No parking is allowed for the principal purpose of:
a) Displaying vehicle for sale.
b) Washing or repairing vehicles except for repairs necessitated by an emergency.
c) Advertising purposes.
d) Storage (10 consecutive days or more).