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2021 Ganley Public Service Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award was presented to Clare Norton, Booking Coordinator, Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department, Public Assembly Facilities Division, during the Virtual Employee Service Recognition Event presented on November 1, 2021.

The Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award is presented annually to an employee of the City of Portland who exemplifies the dedication, knowledge and passion for municipal public service which characterized former City Manager Robert B. Ganley’s life. Bob Ganley passed away December 23, 2000, having served as City Manager for 14+ years. This prestigious award recognizes an employee whose work for the citizens of Portland demonstrates, over a period of years, characteristics such as:

● the efficient and economical use of city resources;

● a mastery of the skills and judgment required for the successful performance of his or her duties;

● the commitment to impart his or her knowledge and skills to coworkers;

● the willing acceptance of public service as a vocation to which he or she has freely committed themselves;

● a real concern to improve the common good;

● the ability to respond genuinely to the concerns of individual citizens, to be attentive to voices not usually heard; and

● adherence to the familiar maxim of Robert B. Ganley that good public service

is recognized by the substance of the performance, not by the style in which it is carried out.

The Selection Committee is comprised of previous award recipients, as well as Human Resources staff; namely Carlene Kessler, and Communications Director, Jessica Grondin.

City Manager Jon Jennings presented Clare with the Ganley Award itself, a certificate granting her a week off with pay, and a $250 gift card.

Please join us in congratulating Clare for her truly outstanding work for the City of Portland as this year’s Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award Recipient.

2021 Ganley Recipient-Clare Norton

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