Park & Play

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We're excited to announce that Park & Play is back for the summer of 2022! 

**See 2022 Park & Play Schedule Below**

This drop-in program is designed for children who like the flexibility to come and go as they wish without being tied to the schedule of a formal summer day camp program. Many of Portland's newest residents are unfamiliar with recreation and playgrounds, which is why this program is a perfect introduction to the concept!

At Park & Play, skilled Recreation Programmers will engage children aged 5 and up with:

- games

- activities

- crafts

- stories & more!

Park & Play takes place at the following locations:

*Please note: these locations are subject to change. Please check back in June for a 2022 Park & Play update!

- Kennedy Park (aka Fox Field)

- Stone Street Playground

- Munjoy South

- Pleasant Street Playground

- Deering Oaks Playground

This program is FREE TO ATTEND! Please see the schedule below to find out what days and what times Park & Play will be near you!

PLEASE NOTE: Youth do not need to be with an adult, but recreation staff does not provide supervision as this is a "drop-in/out" program. 

For more information, please contact the Portland Parks, Recreation and Facilities department at (207)-808-5400 or email

(Hold down on image of our "Park & Play Schedule" to save the schedule to your phone!)