Bramhall Square Redesign

The Bramhall Square Redesign Project is an ongoing design process to reimagine Bramhall Square, located at the corner of Congress Street and Deering Avenue in the Parkside neighborhood. 

The current park is tired and underutilized, and presents numerous accessibility challenges. The seating provided is difficult to access, and brick pavers have become damaged and uneven. Since 2011, neighbors of Bramhall Square have been working to revitalize Bramhall Square, and since then, artistic lighting has been added, and a design competition took place in 2017 to imagine new designs for Bramhall Square. 

In 2019, the City initiated a design process to achieve a final design for Bramhall Square. Using the 2017 design competition and community feedback as a starting point, the City’s consultants, Mitchell & Associates, are developing three possible concepts for the square. In Spring 2020, a community meeting will take place to gather feedback on these designs, and from there, a final design will be honed in preparation for possible construction as early as 2021.

Upcoming public meeting

Portland Department of Public Works will be hosting a virtual neighborhood meeting on Thursday, September 10, 2020. The goal of the meeting will be to receive feedback on conceptual designs presented by the city’s consultant, Mitchell & Associates. The concepts are based on ideas submitted in the 2017 design competition, discussed below. After this meeting, the city will work with the design team to advance one concept to final design, and incorporate ideas brought forward at the meeting.

Please note that a meeting that had been previously scheduled for March 30, 2020 was postponed.

If you are unable to attend the September 10 virtual neighborhood meeting, please review the four concepts below, and provide feedback here



In 2017, a design competition for Bramhall Square was initiated by PelotonLabs, a direct abutter to the park. These concepts were used as a starting point for the City’s consultant to develop designs for Bramhall Square. The presentations for the 2017 design competition can be found on PelotonLabs’ website.