Autonomous Vehicles


In July 2018, the City announced it is a pilot member of INRIX AV Road Rules, a platform that lays the foundation for the city to communicate with operators for safe and effective deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles (HAV) on public roads. INRIX AV Road Rules is the first platform that enables cities and road authorities to assign, validate and manage traffic rules and restrictions for autonomous vehicles operating on public roads. The platform also leverages HAV data about roads to report infrastructure improvement needs, making the roads safer for all users. Portland is one of seven cities across the country to pilot the program. 

INRIX AV Road Rules will help Portland take an important and concrete step to support the safe operation of HAV shuttles on city roads. The City can easily assign traffic restrictions and have those rules provided directly to vehicles, and will explore how the City shares information with vehicles and vice versa. It will provide the base for operators interested in piloting AVs on public streets by offering an important dataset that demonstrates Portland’s understanding of real-world deployment challenges.

Portland will work with INRIX to map the city as part of the first phase. Choosing a vendor for a HAV shuttle service will be a separate phase and will be based on several factors including past experience and costs. It is the City's hope that the use of an HAV shuttle will help mitigate traffic congestion on key corridors like Commercial Street and Franklin Street. 
The City hosted an Autonomous Vehicle public forum on September 27, 2018.