Waste Reduction & Recycling

The City has had great success reducing waste and increasing recycling. In 1998, crews delivered 23,000 tons of waste to ecomaine (then RWS) but less than 1,000 tons of recyclables. Now, we deliver only 9,500 tons of trash to the facility and about 5,500 tons of recyclables. Our curbside recycling rate stands at 37%. 


Recycling Carts

The Sustainability Office recently led the effort to deploy wheeled recycling carts to every household in the City. The new carts hold four times more material than the old blue bins and have a lid that protects the recyclables from the weather. This has already led to a significant reduction in windblown litter. Get more recycling and cart information.

Wheeled recycling carts prior to deployment


Green Packaging

The City of Portland has multiple policies and ordinances to reduce waste and encourage more environmentally-friendly packaging practices. Learn about the bag fee and polystryene foam packaging ordinances.

ecomaine Recyclopedia app

Curious about what you can and can't recycle in the your wheeled cart? Try our ecomaine's Recyclopedia app for all the info on exactly what can be placed in your cart.

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