What Is Workforce Housing?

Workforce Rental Unit:  

Is housing that is affordable to a household earning up to 100% of HUD Area Median Income (AMI).  Annual rent increases for that unit are limited by deed restriction, or lease agreements.

Workforce Homeownership Unit: 

Is housing for which the purchase price is affordable to a household earning up to 120% of Area Median Income (AMI).  The resale price is limited by deed restriction for all future sales of the home.


Affordable means that the percentage of income a household is charged in rent and other housing expenses, or must pay in monthly mortgage payments (including insurance, HOA fees, taxes, and utilities), does not exceed 30% of a household’s gross income.

Area Median Income:

 Commonly referred to as “AMI”, the AMI is a measure of income set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for all cities across the country.  It is the benchmark used for determining income eligibility.    

Portland Area Median Income

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Portland Area Maximum Monthly Rents

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