Skin Cancer Prevention

Below are several useful guides, created by the Portland Public Health Division, and websites about sun safety:
  • Sun safety for ME brochure - This brochure outlines many sun safety tips and skin cancer facts that affect the entire family.
  • ‘No Sun for Baby’ Guide - This guide is geared towards coordinators hoping to start a ‘No Sun for Baby’ program of their own. Take a look at this guide for useful information about sun safety for infants, as well as a pattern to make your baby its own hat to wear outdoors.
  • Portland Parks and Recreation Sun Protection Guide - This is the same guide that the Portland Parks and Recreation Department uses to educate participants in their summer camps. See this guide for simple and concise sun safety guidelines you can follow.

Helpful Websites

A Model Community Skin Cancer Prevention Project in Maine

The purpose of this program was to create and test a community skin cancer prevention model for replication throughout the state of Maine. The project was a collaborative effort of the Maine Cancer Consortium, American Cancer Society (ACS), and the City of Portland, Health and Human Services Department, Public Health Division. The City of Portland served as the pilot site for this project. This project is described in detail on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.