Police Internships

The Portland Police Department works in partnership with area agencies and schools to provide a variety of educational experiences. We are interested in motivated and self-directed individuals who are considering a career in the field of law enforcement.

 If you are interested in an internship, please contact the Office of Police Personnel at 874-8588 to see if any openings are available. A resume, short interview, and background check is required of all candidates. Please do not submit any paperwork unless asked to do so. If you are contacted to submit an application, please download and complete the Internship Forms.

 Typical intern placements include:

  •  A Community Policing Center where a partnership of civilian coordinator, police officers, and community members come together to proactively solve community problems. Community policing internships are primarily social work related.
  •  Property and Evidence is a unit within the police department which houses, secures, and organizes evidence related to crimes and investigations. Much of this work can be physical in nature.
  • The Crime Analysis unit extracts and analyzes data and distributes information regarding the patterns of crime within Portland. Much of this work is data entry and computer related. 
  • The Criminal Investigation division occasionally needs assistance collating information regarding a specific case, organizing data bases and assisting with data entry.