Get to know the PDAC Members

Mireille Kabongo photoMireille Kabongo
Ken Shapiro Ken Shapiro, UNUM

Mireille Kabongo

I got involved in the Portland Advisory Committee because I am an immigrant and a person with a disability. My getting involved will help immigrants with disabilities to know how the City of Portland and the State of Maine give us the opportunity and right to live our life like anybody.

Ken Shapiro, UNUM 

Ken Shapiro has been a Knowledge Management Consultant at Unum since 2007. In 2010 he suffered a brain hemorrhage and stroke which caused left-side weakness and mobility issues. His disability has also granted him the perspective and desire to lead Unum’s Disability Employee Resource Group, support other Unum employees with disabilities, and use their disability experiences to inform the way Unum as a disability benefits company conducts business.

Jessica Russell

Naoko "Yura" Yusai