City of Portland Single Sort Recycling

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Please visit the Trash and Recycling Collection Web App to find the what day of the week your trash and recycling is collected.  For first time here? Check out the Trash and Recycling Collection App User Guide, how to document.  

For additional question regarding trash and recycling collection day, please contact Department of Public Works at 207-756-8011.

(Disclaimer) All Weekly Trash and Recycling Pickup is subject to change due to City Holidays, Construction, Special Events, Inclement Weather, and Natural Disasters. Please refer to the City of Portland’s Website for future updates.


Here are some tips for using your cart
  • Set your cart out ONLY when it is FULL on your regularly scheduled collection day
  • Put your cart where the collection crew can reach it easily. Don’t put it behind parked cars, poles, snowbanks, or other obstacles.
  • Don’t leave your cart at the curb between collections. Store it next to or behind your house, in a shed, or in a garage.
  • Your cart is assigned to your house or apartment. Please leave it for the next occupant should you move.


Why was my recycle cart missed?

1.  Contamination or unacceptable material may have been in the recycling cart.  If contamination is present, the driver will leave an orange violation tag with a phone number to call if you have questions.   Please consult ecomaine’s website for more information about recyclable materials.

2. Another reason recycling may have been missed is because the recycle cart was set out after the truck already serviced your area.  City of Portland Code of Ordinances requires your trash be set out no earlier than 3:00pm the day prior to collection, but should be curbside by 6:30am on the day of collection. 

What NOT to put in the cart. 

Plastic bags, food waste, trash, textiles (no clothing/ no carpet/ no blankets), yard waste. Check out ecomaine’s  recycling Do’s and Don’ts  to see the complete list.  

How do I get a recycle cart?  Contact our office during regular business hours 8:00am-4:30pm @ 207-756-8011 or email: We will need your property address and the serial  number from the front of any existing carts (see example).  


Can I put extra recycling next to the cart?

No, crews will only be collecting recyclables IN the cart. Do not place materials in an old blue bin or loose on the ground. Cardboard must be broken down for everything to fit inside of the tote with the lid closed. 

I live in a multi-unit building, do we have more than one cart?

Multi-unit buildings will receive multiple larger carts depending on building size. Buildings with 5-7 units will receive 2 carts, buildings with 8-10 units will receive 3 carts. Townhouse condos that have signed up for City trash and recycling service will receive one per townhouse. Buildings that do not have City service will not get a cart.

I live an apartment building that has a dumpster. Can I get a blue recycle cart?  

No only properties who receive City trash & recycling services are eligible.  If your property has a dumpster, that means it is not eligible for a City recycling cart, please contact the property owner or manager about recycling at your building. 

What do I do with overflow recycling?  Does the City have those silver-bullets still?  

Yes you can take extra large boxes or recycling to Riverside Recycling at 910 Riverside Street, Portland, ME 04103.  The silver-bullets are within the gated facility, drive up to the gate attendant who will direct you to their location.  

Is the City using automated collection?

In some areas of the City, we are using an automated recycling truck.  City crews will also continue to use the existing recycling trucks equipped with a cart tipper. Carts need to be at least 1 foot away from other carts or trash cans and 2 feet away obstacles such as cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and telephone poles. Contact  the Solid Waste office with any questions 207-756-8011 or email

What will I do in the winter when there are 6-foot snow banks?

We realize snow presents some obstacles here in Portland. Many people place them on top of snow banks, which makes it difficult or impossible for crews to access, and sometimes they can tip over spilling material all over. Placing a cart on top of a snowbank creates a safety issue for pedestrians and the crew trying to service your cart.  With the blue carts, we encourage you to make space for it when performing routine snow removal, just like you would for your mail box, sidewalk, or driveway. If that’s not possible, remember you don’t have to put out your cart each week since they hold more material. Consider holding your cart back for a week and placing it out once there’s not as much snow in the way.