Citizen Self Service

Welcome to Citizen Self Service!

The City of Portland has a Citizens Self Service portal (CSS) to make applying for building permits easier, streamline application intake, and improve transparency throughout the permitting process.  Effective April 2018, the Permitting Division can no longer accept building permit applications via fax, email, regular mail, or in person.  All building permits must be submitted online via CSS.  Please review our updated instructions sheet for how to submit online. If you still have questions after reviewing this sheet, contact us at or (207) 874-8703.

Important: Applications for business licenses, rental registrations, and Zoning Board of Appeals are not submitted in CSS.
For business license applications, please click here.
For Zoning Board of Appeals applications, please email

We recommend using CSS with Chrome or Internet Explorer, on a desktop or laptop computer. 

NOTE: As of December 19, 2018, building permit applications may be subject to impact fees. For more information on impact fees, click here