Woodford's Corner Public Improvement Plans

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On March 16, 2016, the Portland Public Art Committee unanimously recommended proceeding with the selection of Aaron Stephan as the artist and a budget of $25,000 to design and fabricate the street light elements to be placed in the new plaza. To see examples of the artist's work visit: http://aarontstephan.com/

Latest Design Plans
Streetscape Material Palette (2015)
Streetscape Report (2014)

The Project

The public improvements to Woodford's Corner build on the vision from the Transforming Forest Avenue plan to promote livability, economic vibrancy and mobility in Woodford's Corner. Building on the assets already existing in the area, the plans will provide better pedestrian and bicycle crossings, new street furnishings and public spaces, better transit routing, and better traffic circulation.

The Woodford's Corner plans are a partnership between the City of Portland, the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System, and the Maine Department of Transportation. Construction is expected to begin in August 2017.

Concept for Woodford's Plaza
Woodfords Plaza

Transforming Forest Avenue

Draft Preliminary Design Report
Woodfords Plans (detailed engineering plans)