Rental Registration

All property owners are required to annually register residential rental units with the City's Licensing and Registration Office by December 31st or within thirty (30) days of renting a property.  This includes rooms, apartments, condominiums and houses.  The annual registration fee may be reduced with eligible discounts.  Eligible discounts include: Fee discounts. Failure to register may result in a fine of at least $100 per day.  

Registering your residential property is important for tenant safety and the contact information is used to communicate with you to resolve code violations, connect during an emergency and to schedule a rental inspection.


By completing a registration which includes:
  1. Registering using a downloadable PDF FORM returned by email, fax, mail, or in person. 
  2. Submitting the newly required supplemental information (see below).
  3. Submitting documentation for discounts; and
  4. Paying for your registration.
2022 Renewals
Long Term Rental License holders can now renew their licenses on the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Online portal. Citizen Self Service (CSS). Applicants will need to register a CSS account if they have not already.  Once you have logged in, click 'Dashboard' at the top left of the page.  Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard and click 'View My Licenses'.  Click the blue 'Renew' button then follow on-screen instructions.  If your licenses are not appearing, please contact Housing Safety at 207-756-8131 for assistance.  Once all information has been submitted, a email will be sent the next business day with an invoice.  Applicants can then pay their invoice through the CSS dashboard.

Rent Control 

Per the Rent Control Ordinance approved by voters in November 2020, all landlords in the City of Portland are required to provide supplemental information on an annual basis for every unit under their purview. This supplemental information can be filled out via this PDF or this Excel sheet. Please pick the option that works best for your situation. 

For more information about the Rent Control and Tenant Protections Ordinance, please visit our Rent Control FAQs or consult an attorney.

For more information about the registration process, please call (207) 756-8131 or you can email 

After the registration information has been verified, an invoice will be sent by email to the party requesting registration. Once you receive your invoice, you have the option to pay the fee online.

Discount Documentation

Submit your Discount Documents by mail, or email to 

Use your invoice number to pay online at the CSS portal or mail your check to City of Portland, Licensing & Registration, 389 Congress St, Rm 307, Portland Maine 04101. Reference your Registration Number or Address when you make your payment.

Please make checks made payable to the CITY OF PORTLAND

Note: Owners and property managers that would like to register multiple properties should contact the Licensing and Registration office for assistance.

Guidance on Rental Units

A rental unit can be a rented room, apartment, house, or condominium for any length of time including:
  • Long term (>30 days) - Leased or month-to-month residential rentals; or
  • Short term (<30 days) - Any type of overnight, weekly or summer or winter residential rental through AirBNB, similar websites and other means.
  • Overnight lodging where the State of Maine has issued a food service license is exempt from registering (hotel, motel, etc).

Please note: An owner occupying a unit is not required to register the unit they occupy, but must register the rental units, and have their own unit inspected for safety purposes.  We inspect the entire building because a fire or other hazard may impact the safety of the rental units.