Deering Center Neighborhood Association

The mission of the Deering Center Neighborhood Association is to help maintain an excellent quality of life in our community. We are citizens committed to protecting and improving the beauty and safety of our neighborhood, the excellence of our schools, supporting our local businesses and preserving our unique village-like atmosphere.

More information about the Deering Center Neighborhood Association is available at: or check Facebook:

Bi-Annual Meetings every spring and fall, please check for meeting announcements and to request email notifications.

We want to share with folks that we have a new website!  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Updated: 6/28/2020

July 14th election will include: State House District 41 Democratic primary, the School Budget, whether to create a new Charter Commission (which opens up all of city government to structural changes), and the US Senate Democratic Primary.

- If you missed DCNA's State House District 41 Candidates Forum, you can watch it by clicking here for Youtube recording, or here for Facebook recording. For the State House District Map, click here.

- For info on the School Budget, click here.

- For an Absentee Ballot by mail (for all voters), click here. To see a copy of the ballot, click here

- All voters *now* can also vote Absentee in-person Monday through Friday 9am - 4:30pm in Merrill Auditorium. Bring a mask and use the PortTix entrance on Myrtle Street. More info, click

- Poll locations for in-person voting on July 14th and info, click here 

Any other questions, just let us know. We'll do our best to share info or point you in the right direction.

Best, DCNA

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