Police Citizen Review Subcommittee


  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Second Wednesday of each month
  • City Hall
City Hall
389 Congress Street
Room 24
Portland, ME 04101

Please check the calendar for any changes to regularly scheduled meetings.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Emily West - Chair (2/22/17 - 3/30/23) (second term)
  • Reginald Parson - Vice Chair (2/22/17 - 3/30/23) (second term)
  • Anne Hardcastle (6/17/2021 - 3/30/2024)  (first term) 
  • Sarai Manyiel (3/15/2021 - 3/30/2022) (first term, fulfilling remainder of previous appointees term)
  • Rev. Kenneth Lewis (2/22/19 - 3/30/22) (first term)
  • Kaylin Kerina (2/3/2020 - 3/30/23) (first term)
  • Tim Smith (6/17/2021 - 3/30/2024)  (first term)

About the Subcommittee

In November 2001 the Portland City Council established the Police Citizen Review Subcommittee (PCRS) as a subcommittee of the Civil Service Commission, which also has an Employment Subcommittee for sworn police and fire personnel. The PCRS has seven commissioners.



  • Reviews the process of police investigations of citizen complaints to ensure it is thorough, objective, fair, and timely;
  • Reports to the city manager on the results of its reviews;
  • Reports to the city manager any recommendations or proposals for improving the police investigation process, policies or training, and for enhancing public confidence in the complaint investigation process; and
  • Holds a public hearing to receive public comments on the police citizen complaint process.

  • Resident of the City:

  • Presently employed by the City, or employed within the previous ten years;
  • Present member of the City Council, or a member within the previous ten years;
  • Immediate family member is a Portland police officer or has been within the previous ten years;
  • Applicant or a member of his/her immediate family member has been arrested by the Portland police within the previous ten years, or the final disposition of any resulting criminal proceedings has been in the previous ten years, whichever is longer;
  • Applicant or an immediate family member has filed a complaint with the IA unit of the Portland Police Department within the previous ten years; and
  • Applicant or a member of his/her immediate family has sued the City of Portland, the Chief of Police, the Portland Police Department, or any Portland police officer within the last ten years.

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