The City of Portland understands the value of educating our future generations to be clean water stewards. Portland educators have the opportunity to connect students to their local water resources. Check out the information below to find ideas to use in your classroom.

Clean Water Education Resources

Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District CONNECT Education Program - Hands-on clean water education, service learning programs, and resources

Caring for Our Watersheds - Local watershed service learning program support and resources

Friends of Casco Bay - Clean water education, advocacy, water quality monitoring programs, and collaborative partnerships

Gilsland Farm Audubon Center - Environmental education programs and camps

Gulf of Maine Research Institute - Clean water education resources, field trips and citizen science programs

Ocean Literacy - Marine science education framework and resources

Portland Water District Education Programs - Hands-on clean water and drinking water education programs and resources

Project WET - Clean water education resources, special events and trainings

Wells Reserve - National estuarine research reserve provides resources and field trips

Other clean water partners

Clean Water Lesson Activities:

How does clean water fit into the National Science Standards?
The Next Generation Science Standards performance standards relevant to clean water topics:
Grade Water Systems Aquatic Life Human Use and Impact
K K-ESS2-1
K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-3
2 2-ESS2-3 2LS2-1
4 4-ESS2-1
5 5-ESS2-1, 5-ESS2-2 5LS1-1, 5-LS2-1 5-ESS3-1
MS MS-ESS2-1, MS-ESS2-2 MS-LS4-2 MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4
HS HS-ESS2-5 HS-LS2-6 HS-LS2-7, HS-LS4-6, HS-EES3-1, HS-ESS3-3,