Residents of Portland play an important role in keeping our water resources clean. Simple steps, like those listed below, can make a big difference to our rivers, streams, and Casco Bay!

Take Action

Join your neighbors and help the City keep our water resources clean with these simple steps:
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Have a Healthy

Lawn Limit the use of fertilizer and weed and bug killers.

Many common lawn care products can harm our children, pets, soil, and water. Try YardScaping, to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn.

pet waste

Scoop the Poop

Pick up after your pet and throw the waste in the trash.

Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and excess nutrients that are unhealthy for people, water, and wildlife.

Keep your neighborhood and water clean by picking up after your pet.
car on grass

Wash Cars Wisely

Wash your vehicles at a commercial car wash or on the lawn.

Washing vehicles in your driveway or the road sends soapy water into storm drains and then streams and Casco Bay.

Soap can be toxic to wildlife and makes algae grow, so keep soapy water out of storm drains and streams.
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Don't Dump Debris

Keep yard waste out of streams and off stream banks.

Dumping leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste on stream banks smothers wildlife habitat, increases erosion, and makes algae grow.

Take yard waste to the Riverside Recycling Center or compost it away from streams. Purchase a backyard composter from the City by calling (207) 874-8801.

Get Involved

Find fun water and nature related events happening throughout the City!

What the City is Doing

We are working hard to protect our water resources. Initiatives are underway to upgrade old infrastructure and install systems that remove pollution by mimicking nature. We also provide education and programs to our residents so we can work together to protect our water resources. Learn more about what we’re doing here.