Completed Task Forces

2020 Charter Commission Ad Hoc Committee

Congress Square Redesign Study Group
Congress Square Redesign Study Group is hereby appointed with representatives to advise and guide the design and engineering process for the assessment of the best use and design of Congress Square.

Currently, the Congress Square Redesign Study Group is assessing two options for the redesign of the Congress Square Park portion of Congress Square which will be reported to the City Council on November 17, 2014.

Fire/Code Inspections Task Force
In the wake of the tragic fire on Noyes Street that claimed the lives of six young people, the City of Portland has established a task force to review its inspections programs. The first phase is an internal review of city codes and ordinances. Following this work, the second phase involves task force review of fire and code inspections policies and practices as well as recently completed reports that were focused primarily on staffing levels. The task force will draft recommendations which will be shared by the Acting City Manager in her regular meetings with Neighborhood Association representatives for comment, and then forwarded to the Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committee for consideration in February 2015.

Franklin Street Committee Phase 2
Franklin Street is a critical transportation corridor for the City of Portland. Currently it is unfriendly to non-automobile transportation, takes up an unnecessarily large amount of usable land, and acts as a barrier between downtown and the neighborhoods east of the corridor. The Franklin Street Feasibility Study is examining the potential for improving the corridor for all modes of traffic (vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit) and looking at the possibility of opening up land along the corridor for new development, both residential and commercial.

Green Building Incentive Task Force
The Green Building Incentive Task Force was established to study and develop a green building incentive program for construction in the City.

Green Packaging Working Group
Learn about the city's efforts to reduce plastic packaging.

Hall School Building Committee
The Hall School Building Committee was appointed by the City Council to oversee the design and construction of a new Hall Elementary School.

Healthy Sustainable Food Systems Initiative
Learn more about what this committee was doing for Portland's food system.

Homelessness Prevention Task Force
This task force focuses on trying to prevent homelessness in Portland.

Libbytown Traffic Circulation & Streetscape Study
The purpose of this project is to improve the cohesiveness and livability of Libbytown and adjacent areas of impact by improving the transportation network to the following ends.

Nathan Clifford Re-Use Advisory Task Force
On December 17, 2012, the Portland City Council voted to approve the recommendations of the Nathan Clifford Re-Use Advisory Task Force.

Pesticide and Fertilizer Task Force
The Pesticide and Fertilizer Task force is a diverse and knowledgeable group of stakeholders charged by the Portland City Council to review the draft pesticide ordinance under consideration in South Portland, ordinances in other jurisdictions, as well as scientific literature regarding the effects of pesticides on public health and the environment. The Task Force will also examine the use of chemical fertilizers in the City of Portland and study the impacts they have on the environment, particularly waterways including Casco Bay. Based on their findings, the Task Force will recommend to the City Council a course of action to minimize the environmental and health impacts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Portland Charter Commission
Portland voters elected to establish a Charter Commission in November, 2008. The vote created a Commission, but did not direct the Commission to consider or recommend any particular changes to the Charter. In December, 2008 the Council appointed three members of the Commission and set June, 2009 as the election for 5 district and 4 at large members. The Commission held an introductory meeting (June 18, 2009), and its initial business meeting (July 2, 2009). The first of several public hearings is July 16 at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers to hear from the public on what problem should be solved and issues considered by the Commission as well as general comments on the Commission’s functions.

Portland Open Space Vision
The City is working with the Trust for Public Land and Portland Trails to create a system-wide plan for future open space protection and improvement, the Portland Open Space Vision and Implementation Plan.

Reed School Reuse Advisory Task Force
The Task Force held it’s final meeting in June 2015, and submitted recommendations on the re-use of the former Reed School property to the Council’s Housing and Community Development Committee in August 2015.

Solid Waste Task Force
In January, 2010, the City Council established the Solid Waste Task Force to develop a five year plan to implement the policies and programs necessary to achieve the State of Maine's 50% recycling goal, including a cost analysis and a time line for achieving this goal.

Spring Street - Free Street Area Streetscape Plan
The Spring Street – Free Street segment lies at the center of the Portland Downtown District and acts as a critical transportation and development corridor between Franklin Arterial and High Street – linking the Old Port with the Arts District and the East End with the West End.

State and High Streets Two-Way Conversion Study
This study was initiated by the City of Portland for the purpose of making improvements in vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian access and safety in a portion of the city core, which for the purpose of this study generally consists of State Street between Marginal Way and York Street, and High Street between Forest Avenue and Commercial Street.

Sustainable Storm Water Funding Task Force
The Task Force has completed their task during meeting held from 2011 through 2012. The Task Force made their recommendations to the City Council.

Transformaing Forest Avenue
The goal of this study is to develop functional and safe pedestrian, bicycle, bus, and motorist access both along and across Forest Avenue - a key gateway corridor.