State and High Streets Two-Way Conversion Study

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About the Study

This study was initiated by the City of Portland for the purpose of making improvements in vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian access and safety in a portion of the city core, which for the purpose of this study generally consists of State Street between Marginal Way and York Street, and High Street between Forest Avenue and Commercial Street.
A large proportion of the infrastructure within this area is in need of upgrading, so before making any financial investment, it makes sense to assess what kind of changes could make the area more functional for all transportation modes – pedestrians, bicycles, transit and other vehicles. The study will look at the potential effects of making State and High Streets two-way for vehicular traffic, adjusting turning patterns, adding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and other changes that could enhance the livability of this vital part of Portland.
The study will assess how these changes would affect mobility, parking and safety, as well as estimating approximate costs to make any proposed changes, including already needed upgrades.
The Public Advisory Committee and the Community Advisors will meet three times, in July, late fall/early winter and late winter. To broaden public input, the study team is also be planning two public workshops, one in September and one in February, along with encouraging the public to make online comments at key points during the study. Specific information on meetings is above.

Study Team Members

Public Advisory Committee
  • David Marshall, co-chair, City of Portland Councilor, Dist. 2
  • Kevin Donoghue, co-chair, City of Portland Councilor, Dist. 1
  • Carl Eppich, PACTS
  • Steve Landry, MaineDOT
  • Marie Gray, Parkside Neighborhood Assn
  • Ian Jacob, West End Neighborhood Assn
  • Anne Pringle, Friends of Deering Oaks
  • Ron Spinella, Bayside Neighborhood Assn
  • Frank Turek, Friends of Congress Square Park
  • David Robinson, Greater Portland Landmarks
  • Michael Connolly, Mercy Hospital
  • Bruce Wennerstrom, Westin Portland Harborview
  • Kristen Levesque, Portland Museum of Art
  • William Barry, 100 State Street
  • Lauren Wayne, State Theater
Community Advisors
  • Steve Hewins, Portland Downtown District
  • Chris O’Neil, Portland Chamber
  • Greg Jordan, METRO
  • Pat Moody, AAA
  • Lynn Tillotson, Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Damon Yakovleff, Portland Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Zack Barowitz, Libbytown Neighborhood Assn
  • Chris Cantwell, Portland Society of Architects
  • Ben Shambaugh, Dean, St. Luke’s Church
  • Hildy Ginsberg, YMCA
  • Bill Bray, Traffic Solutions
  • Tuck O’Brien, Portland Planning Board Chair
City Staff
  • Jeremiah Bartlett – Study Manager, Traffic Engineer, City of Portland
  • Mike Bobinsky – Director of Public Services, City of Portland
  • Jeff Levine – Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Portland
  • Alex Jaegerman, Director of Planning, City of Portland
  • Christine Grimando, Senior Planner, City of Portland
Consultant Team
  • T.Y. Lin
    • Tom Errico, Project Manager
    • Morris Communications
      • Carol Morris, President
      • Scott Hastings, Associate