About Mytilene, Greece

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The purpose of the Sister City Relationship is to promote world peace and international cooperation by establishing close and continuous ties between two world communities that already have several strong connections and much in common.

Both cities are located on the sea, in the northeast corner of their countries, in areas known for being environmentally clean, green and beautiful. Both are ports and are the economic, cultural, medical, and legal centers of their region. Both have an important, growing university and other schools that give them a young and vibrant feel and a talented workforce. Both were established early in their country's history, and are associated with historic and modern artistic and literary talent. Both are in areas that rely on tourism and natural resources for a good portion of their economy, whose people are known for their independent spirits.


The Hellenic Society of Maine, Inc., proposed and agreed to support Portland’s official Sister City relationship with Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece. It was established on October 20, 2003 when a Mayoral delegation from Mytilene came before the City Council of Portland, who passed the resolution. A Maine delegation -- including City Council member Nicholas Mavodones, staff member Rachel Talbot Ross, USM Pres. Richard Pattenaude, and others -- made a return visit to Mytilene in 2004 to sign an agreement there. A second Portland delegation returned to Mytilene in 2007 when the Hellenic Society of Maine presented a gift of more than 80 books in English to the Mytilene Library.

The Future

With support from both cities and the Hellenic Society, we hope future programs will include continuing artist exchanges in music, theater, dance and the visual arts; educational opportunities and exchanges; medical and health-related exchanges; business and trade endeavors; and youth/amateur athletic exchanges.

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