Western Promenade Neighborhood Association

Founded in April, 1973, the WPNA and its members are dedicated to the uplifting, improvement, beautification, home security, and preservation of the Bramhall Hill section of Portland with particular interest in the historical and cultural nature of the neighborhood.

Founded during a time when this historic neighborhood was threatened by urban renewal, conversion of residential properties to institutional use, and other issues, the WPNA's efforts have, among other things, resulted in saving the character of the neighborhood (resulting in the Western Promenade National Historic District), passage of odor and noise ordinances, appropriate reuse of abandoned schools, parking controls, tree replacement, institutional master plans compatible with the neighborhood, and social events to build friendships and neighborhood commitment.

Neighborhood boundaries:

Western side of Emery, two sides of Pine, two sides of Brackett, two sides of Bramhall, two sides of Western Promenade, two sides of Danforth.

Major Activities: The WPNA actively monitors proposed developments, zoning changes, and issues of concern. WPNA advocates to the City for action which assures the continuing strength and integrity of the neighborhood. The WPNA generally meets twice a year and sponsors one social event a year..

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